Discover The 56 Habits I Implemented That Took Me From A Weak, Depressed, Broke Kid To A Strong, Financially Free Man

Show me a man that is successful is any field, be it finance, fitness, approaching women or writing literature and I’ll show you a man who has implemented a series of positive habits in his life.

My name is SJ, I'm the proprietor of and an Amazon #1 Best Selling author

I've Built A Shredded Spartan-Like Physique

135lbs to 190lbs...

I've Created A Lifestyle That Allows Me To Travel As I Please

Penang, Malaysia

I've Created Several Highly Profitable Online Businesses

A couple day's earnings...

And I Did It All With Specially-Developed HABITS
Modelled From Some Of The Greatest Men In History


Let's Roll Back A Few Years...


I was a skinny 135lbs dripping wet, weak and insecure - I was a loser, I avoided exercise and just about all other activities that involved leaving the house.

Video games ruled my life, I'd spend all day and night glued to my computer screen as I slayed digital dragons... I had no drive, no discipline and certainly no ambition, I was too afraid to talk to people I didn't know, let alone girls.

I thought the only way to make lots of money was to work overtime at my dead end job in a pet food factory.

Deep down I wanted to have the body, I wanted the money and I wanted the freedom to ditch my soul sucking job and live the good life.

I began to ask others around me "What should I do?" and "How do I finally catch a break?"

They told me to "keep plugging away in the pet food factory, because society says it's normal to not like your job".

They told me that the beach body I always wanted "came down to having good genetics" then I was reminded I didn't have those because I was skinny.

They told me that "trying to change my life circumstances was risky", that I should go with the grain and be happy with what I have.

Don't Expect Results By Following The Same Old Self-Sabotaging Habits

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Become A Lion Among Sheep And Live Life On Your Terms

Doing the same thing over and over again yet hoping for a better tomorrow is literally the definition of insanity.

I realized that it would take everything I had to build myself up to where I wanted to be, I had to cut out the negative energy sapping habits.

Video games, jerking off, eating junk food - it all had to go.

After I began to slowly cull these negative habits from my daily routine I started to slowly see results... I mustered up the confidence and energy to join the gym and began to lift weights like my life depended on it... little did I know this was the first successful habit I implemented in my life.

I hit plateaus, I injured myself, I lost motivation but I kept following this habit of working out until I had INGRAINED it in my brain.

People started to ask me how I did it, they wanted my advice... they wanted me to spill the beans on my fitness habits

I was like a freight train at full speed, I began to feel unstoppable.

The process of implementing fitness habits like lifting weights and counting my calories to help me carve the body of my dreams bled over into the other facets of my life... I began to think like an investor, each and every habit I implemented from there forth was like a stock that would surge in value if it was positive or send me spiraling downwards if it were energy sapping & time wasting like my old habits.

Getting the body, building wealth and having the ability to take charge of your life doesn't come down to luck, genetics, good circumstances or even hard work.


Show me a man that is SUCCESSFUL IN ANY FIELD, be it finance, fitness, approaching women or writing literature and I’ll show you a man who has implemented a series of POSITIVE HABITS in his life.


Instead of binge eating or jerking off implement 1 GOAL ACHIEVING habit, this is a habit that will take YOU closer to your GOALS.

One of my goals is to naturally raise my Testosterone levels as high as possible so I take a 5 minute cold shower every morning, this has been proven to increase Testosterone, aid with muscular recovery and increase the quality of your hair & skin.

This is just 1 of the 56 habits I'll share with you (in a lot more detail!) in Becoming A Lion Among Sheep.

Most men go through life like sheep, wasting precious time with negative habits... don't be one of those guys that never reach their dreams or taste success...

The average man has no direction in life and is in a downward spiral...

Like Benjamin Franklin said:

"Most men die at 25... we just don't bury them until they are 70"

Forged With My Tried & Tested Advice, There's No Generic BS Here

Introducing The Becoming A Lion Among Sheep 8 Module System

  • Diet: Unlock Incredible Energy, Shred Fat & Feel Focused
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  • Wealth: Become Financially Free & Fire Your Boss
  • Inner Circle: How To Build A Circle Of High Value Individuals
  • Knowledge: Set Yourself Ahead Of The Pack On Your Quest To Becoming A Renaissance Man
  • Happiness: Sucker Punch Depression & Start Every Day Exhilarated
  • Productivity: Unlock Your Ultra-Productive Side With These Work Habits Used By Billionaires
  • General Success: Dominate All Facets Of Life

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“Read this book and implement, implement, implement.

I found many of these habits to be quite unconvential, theres not too many successful people out there and theres not too many people following these habits…

SJ’s approach to finances has definetly opened my eyes to how I too can become financially indepedent and live a life of choice. I’ve implemented 3 habit stacking routines and look forward to getting more in! Productivity is at an all time high.”

– Cameron M

“Each of these habits is designed to take you ONE STEP CLOSER TO YOUR GOALS and this is exactly true. I’ve started to lose fat and increase my confidence in the 3 weeks since I picked up my copy of Becoming A Lion Among Sheep. After reading the book you’re the one that has to put the work in but I was extremely motivated and highly recommend this course to others.”

– Marvin P

"This book should've been written ages ago! Practical advice that I've started following. Seeing an increase in productivity and strength already..."

- Vince T

I'm so confident in this ebook that I put my money where my mouth is...

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I take all the risk, you are FULLY PROTECTED!

If you have no intention of attempting to improve yourself (and plan to ask for a refund shortly after ordering) then please don't purchase this course... I only want to do business with those motivated individuals who truly want to improve themselves.



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